Trinidad, eh? (Part 1/2)

What’s up world? Just finished up week 1 here in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and I’ve got one more week to go, so it’s been about three lifetimes in the last 7-8 days. Packed up in Brooklyn last week and headed out to DC to do a spoken word poetry arts and activism workshop with the good folks over at Bloombars (an AWESOME collective-run political performance and gallery space in Columbia Heights, check ‘em out here) which was co-sponsored by Organization for Chinese Americans – One of my favorite kind of spaces: intimate, cozy, and full of energy. (THANK YOU DIANA & GOWRI!)
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And she’s back…(Part 2/2)

Continued from last week’s blog “And she’s back…(Part 1/2)”

In June, I judged the DreamYard Youth Poetry Slam up in the Bronx – and let me be real with the fact that those fourth graders were ready to tackle all the heavy issues, for real. But yup, shorties from 4th to 12th grade all slamming it out with their poems, so it was interesting to check out the evolution of voice, performance, body, what they choose to write about and how, rhyme schemes, drama, monologue, song -
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And she’s back…(Part 1/2)

What’s up world?! Back from my blog hiatus of April, May, June – Things just got a little too cray cray in the Spring for me to keep up with it all. THANK YOU TO ALL THE AMAZING PRESENTERS & AUDIENCE FOLKS THAT WORKED SO HARD AND CAME OUT TO KEEP THE SPIRIT OF POETRY ALIVE :)
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